We care about product design and beyond
We think up and develop new products for producing companies. But our involvement in product design is not
reduced to design only. We go beyond the development of the product itself, because we are involved in the
success of your company and your product — before and after its introduction.

_Strategic design
_Product portfolio strategy and development
_Trend studies

We care about your company.
We are involved with your succes in the market.
Therefore we investigate your history, identity and corporate culture, as well as your product range and your market position. Only then we can tell you if you need new products and what they should be like.
_Concept design
_Product design
_Colour and material studies
_Product and info graphics
_Engineering and production support

We care about your products.
Apart from being useful, cost-effective and of high quality, they should highlight peoples’ lives. Thus they will create astrong and loyal relationship to your customers. We think this is the best for your company in the long run.
_Product presentation
_Product brochures
_Shop presentation / retail design

We care about your presentation.
Sales depend heavily on the way a new product is presented to the outer world. Because we know the essence of a new product, we can advise how to present it successfully and optimally, for instance in a shopping environment, how to launch it at a trade fair or how to put it into a brochure. But we also know how to name it (call it branding if you like).

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